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Custom Commissions

Design and Concept Development

Aura Art Studio offers an initial art and design consultation in order to meet  with and assess the client’s goals and needs for their space. We speak and brainstorm with our clients about their vision for how the artwork will relate to their residence, community, or business both aesthetically, and functionally.


Proposal and Conceptual Design

Once there is a clear understanding of the project goals, and aesthetic goals, Aura Art Studio will then follow up with a working sketch and proposal for the project. Material prototypes, and glass samples may also be part of this overall proposal as deemed necessary. A site review is done when feasible, or may be studied through photos and architectural plans. Structural requirements and lighting can also be discussed as needed. Continued discussions with the client, and photos of the work in progress, also ensure that goals are being met for the client.


Installation, Creation, and Agreement

Upon approval of the design, an agreement is set up for the installation and time frame for creating the art work. Aura Art Studio will work closely with all parties necessary to ensure an orderly and timely installation of the artwork. If the client is providing installation Aura Art Studio will be on site to supervise the installation.

Donor Walls, Plaques, and Signage

Awards, paques and signage

Aura Art Studio works with a variety of clients to create custom fused glass art plaques, awards, and art glass signage. Fused glass is designed and created for your specific needs, and your text is engraved and handpainted on the art glass, for the highest quality art signage and plaques. Aura Art Studio is expereinced in installing or supervising installation of signage, plaques, and donor walls.


At Aura Art Studio we believe that recognizing all unique achievements and recognizing involvement in building communities and institutions are vital and important to individuals, and to greater society. Key to expressing your appreciation to employees, donors, scholars and customers are quality personal awards and commemorative plaques. It is in this spirit that we are dedicated to working to serve your recognition needs with creative and quality one of a kind solutions. 

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