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About Aura Shahaf Woelfle

I am a glass artist, sculptor, a jewelry designer, and teacher. I have always loved combining fused and blown glass in my sculptural works to enable something dynamic, alive, and surprising to emerge outwards from within. I bring this passion and adventurous experimentation to my own creative process, to teaching, and to working with clients on custom projects and commissions. In my studio, in my  friendships, and in my own family and community, I celebrate and am inspired by the diversity and the amazing richness of cultural backgrounds that I interact with daily in my studio’s neighborhood, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. I have over 30 years of experience teaching, creating art, and exhibiting in various countries such as Wales, Italy, and Holland. I worked as an art therapist in private practice in Amsterdam and in various public schools throughout the Netherlands. In 2006 I began a jewelry business with my husband Dror Shahaf, AuraDror Inc. in New York City. Our jewelry has been shown and sold in museum stores, craft stores, and is sold online. I regularly teach classes inspired by the culture and spiritual knowledge of Judaism, in many diverse communities, in and around New York City. I love working with people of all ages, and I teach from 3 years old to 100, with the firm belief that we all have a creative unique message to bring out and share in this world through making art.

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